About us

What we can do for you

More Than Design is a one stop shop for business owners who are looking for a helping hand with marketing their business. If you are starting up a new company or looking at ways to grow your existing business we offer advice/designs packages to make your life easier.

We are efficient and very affordable and always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy and satisfied.

How it all started?

We are two professionals who were taking time out from our Marketing, Graphic Design and Website creating jobs to spend time with our children, this brought us together at Beachlands/Maraetai Playcentre nearly four years ago. While we are being creative with our kids and socialising with our peers we realised we share a passion for helping businesses to succeed, and decided to combine our knowledge and expertise to create a one stop shop – marketing and design company focused on servicing start ups and small to medium size businesses.

Why do we think we can be helpful?

Our background
Nicci Hales

Nicci Hales

Strategic marketer

After studying in New Zealand and France to achieve my Bachelor of Business Majoring in Marketing, Bachelor of Art Majoring in International Business, and my Diploma in Travel and Tourism I have been a marketing professional for over 20 year in a wonderful variety of industries including but not limited to – Retail, Travel & Tourism, Cosmetic Surgery, Fashion, Finance and Real Estate. These roles have been held in New Zealand, UK, Europe and Australia.

Whilst business management has always been a firm base in my career, my real passion has been in marketing and especially I am resourceful with the tools and media available, creatively integrating these into online and offline campaigns, to both plan for, deliver and assure the greatest returns. I have experience and success with larger corporate companies and smaller and/or new companies in good times and in lean times when budgets are constrained, and where opportunities need to be optimised.

Dana Ruediger

Marketing & design skills

After achieving masters of economics majoring in marketing and sales followed by 7 years of practical experience I have decided to leave Czech Republic and experience 6 months of life on the other side of the globe. Things couldn’t have been more different to what I have planned for. I have never imagined I will end up starting up my own publishing business, getting calendars printed overseas and selling them across the whole New Zealand, even being part of the Rugby World Cup 2011 as one of the licensees. It all was a great experience and I look forward to use my marketing and graphic/web design expertise to help other businesses to grow.

Delegate to move forward

Let us become your helping hand with growing your business. Whether you have small ad to create, brochure or website to design, need help with your social media marketing, or want someone to look at what you are currently doing and suggest improvements, throw it all at us!

We will do our best do make a difference to your business, without costing you an arm and leg.