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COVID-19: Could the coronavirus change consumer behaviour forever?

It has been well documented that the coronavirus pandemic has made a dramatic changes to consumers’ behaviour. With lots of retailers having to close their stores, people are turning their attention to e-commerce. Will this growth in e-commerce continue in the post-virus times? The e-commerce growth trend was already happening before the pandemic, with the

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Making movies like the pros

Making movies like the pros doesn’t require a pricey camera rig or a tricked-out editing suite. Polarr 24FPS is an editing app for iPhone and iPad devices designed to “help amateur … creators build high-quality video. The key features of this app: Filter recommendation Cinematic stabilization Inertia-based zoom controls “Beautification” effects  It uses AI to

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8 Photo Tools for Creating Engaging Social Media Graphics

If you would like to increase your visibility on social media, improving your visual content is a great way to start. Social Media Examiner recently approached their followers to find out which desktop and mobile photo-editing applications are their favourites. Below is an overview of the most popular ones. Web and Desktop applications Canva Canva

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Discover 26 Mobile and Desktop Tools for Marketers

Eric Fisher from Social Media Examiner recently published a very helpful article exploring 26 apps and tools for mobile and desktop from the Social Media Marketing podcast’s Discovery of the Week.In one of the latest blog posts, we were talking about the growth of the video industry, and I would like to point out an

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Voice searches matter – sharpen up your FAQ page!

Voice search drastically improves user experience – and because of that, by the year 2020, half of all online searches will be made through voice search. Online Marketers now understand the significance of this trend and are taking the time to adapt their online business before they get passed by. How to optimize your website

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Time to get on that video wagon

If you haven’t incorporated video into your marketing strategy it’s about the time to do so. Video statistics paint the picture of a thriving, growing industry. HubSpot reports that 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 83% of marketers now say that video gives them a good ROI. Looking ahead to 2019,

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