How to Start a Business in New Zealand?

If you are thinking about starting a business, New Zealand is the place to be! According to the 2020 World Bank Doing Business study New Zealand is the easiest country to start and run a business! If you are not sure where to start this article might give you few useful tips

1. Come up with a business idea

The ideal scenario is finding a product or service you can provide the best value to your customers while being passionate about what you do.

Research as much as you can, talk to your friends, potential customers and find out their needs and what they struggle with and offer a product or service that provides solutions to their problems. Good understanding of the industry makes finding the business opportunities easier.

Once you have found your niche create a business plan (at least a very basic one) where you specify WHAT it is you would like to achieve and WHEN you would like this to happen.

Here are a few resources, which might help you during this process:

NZ Stats – Data for business – Useful business tools and statistics.

Regional Business Partners Network – Government funded support in both business recovery and growth

Business plan templates

2. Choose your business name, web domain and social media usernames

The ONECheck website is a great tool to find out whether the name you are considering is available. It will also tell you whether your chosen username is available on the social media platforms.

Apart from telling people what you do, your business name should ideally be easy to remember, easy to pronounce and unique.

TIP: From the Search Engine Optimization perspective is always the best practice to include your product or service keyword (basically what you do) into your Business name and your web domain.

3. Choose your business structure

The most common are sole trader, partnership or company.

4. Register your business

Register for a New Zealand Business number which is a unique identifier for your business and get a Real me Login which you will need to Reserve your company name and Register your company. For the information on how to do this please follow the New Zealand Government advice. You will also find information on how to register for GST if you wish to do so.

5. Start marketing your business

Promoting your business online will open new opportunities and helps to talk to masses rather then individuals.

Facebook/Instagram Business page

We suggest starting with at least setting up a Facebook business page and/or your business Instagram account. It’s free and you have an option to add info about your business and contact details. Customers can also get in touch with you via Messenger.

The more professional your presentation looks like the better chance you have in attracting new customers so we suggest investing into a company logo and social media kit (set of professional images for your Facebook cover photo and your Facebook company profile).

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A frequent posting on your business page will help you establish your audience and if done well build your reputation in the industry. We can help you identifying your content strategy to make your social media posts interesting and shareable.

Contact us if you want to have a chat about your Social Media Strategy.

Company website

There are many reasons why web design is super important especially for small businesses. A company website with an online catalogue of your products and services will save you tons of time and money.

Incorporating e-shop into your website will make your products available 24/7 so you can virtually make money while you are asleep!

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Social Media advertising

Social Media Advertising is one of the best marketing tools for business start-ups looking to increase the reach and visibility of their business. With the right Social Media content you can build trust in your brand and turn many of your followers into your customers. One of the many advantages of social media is getting an instant feedback to your campaigns, which many businesses also use for new product viability testing.

Good luck with your new business adventures!

Please let us know how you go or get in touch if you need help with marketing your business

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